An Evaluation Plan

This document was developed as project work in fulfilment of the requirements of the course EIDT-6130-2: Program Evaluation. For this course, I chose to develop an evaluation plan for the Microbiology and Immunology, instructor-led course that I currently teach.

The process involved recognizing the stakeholders involved and their interests in the program. I had to look at the organizational hierarchy, the role played by each of the stakeholders in curriculum design and delivery, including contextual factors such as infrastructure, facilities and grounds. I also had to reflect on my own role as a stakeholder, given that I am one of the instructors in the course.

The project enabled me to learn, reflect on and consider the various models available for evaluation, and how to identify and map the various stakeholders involved in the evaluation process and their interests.  I also learned to develop data sampling strategies and reporting strategies.

The project document can be downloaded from here (Evaluation Program).