An Orientation to Online Learning

This course was developed in fulfilment of the requirements of the course EDUC-6135-2: Distance Learning. Among the scenarios that were made available to me, I chose to develop an online, asynchronous, elective course that would serve an orientation to online learning.

The learners would be expected to regularly view and interact with multimedia, discussion boards, and take online tests in the learning management system. They would also have to download and read articles and eBook chapters. This course provided me the opportunity to learn how to design an online orientation for an online elective course, something that the university that I am working for was considering at the time. These courses would help new students bridge the gaps they had in their knowledge before they came on campus for the start of classes in year 1 of medical school. The online orientation course was essential in order to make sure that learners had the necessary skills and attitudes to work in and be successful in an online learning environment, before they actually took the online bridge course.

The project enabled me to learn, reflect on and apply the different models, theories, and technologies used in the development and delivery of online education, keeping in mind the implications of designing instruction for the scenario of my choice in an online learning environment.

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