The final course in the MS Instructional Design and Technology (MS IDT) program at Walden University is the Capstone course, EIDT-6910. In this course, I had the opportunity to put into practice, the knowledge and skills of instructional design that I had acquired over the course of the program. I developed a proctor training program for my current employer, American University of Antigua College of Medicine, with my supervisor Dr. Juli Valtschanoff being the client’s representative.

Project Statement

At my current place of employment, I identified a need for instruction in the form of a proctor training program. The proctors at AUACOM are recruited from the local population of Antigua and Barbuda, and are compensated for every examination proctored. Their educational qualifications range from those who have finished high school to those have finished college. A proctor training program would help them get acquainted with the working environment in an examination scenario at AUACOM, and provide them with the skills they need to be successful in their work.

[Download Project Statement]

Design Document

After getting the approval for the project to go ahead, I went on to design the instructional solution and produce the design document.

The design document has six sections:

  1. Project Description and Goal Analysis
  2. Learner Analysis
  3. Contextual Analysis
  4. Task Analysis
  5. Instruction Objectives
  6. Instructional Sequencing and Strategies

[Download Design Document]

Instructional Materials

The development of instructional materials includes storyboard development for the training program.


  1. The Instructional Materials document that references all other materials listed below. [Download Instructional Materials Document]
  2. The manual titled, “AUACOM Proctor Manual”. [Download]
  3. The job-aid titled, “Workflow for an internal examination using SofTest®”. [Download]
  4. The job-aid titled, “Doorway Check”. [Download]
  5. The video titled, “How to download an exam in SofTest”, embedded in the AUACOM Proctor Training Program course in the Coursesites LMS. [Download]
  6. The PowerPoint® presentation titled AUACOM Proctor Training Program. [Download]
  7. The set of 14 questions mapped to learning objectives, that served as the pretest and posttest, deployed in the AUACOM Proctor Training Program course in the Coursesites LMS. [Download]
  8. The checklists of behavior. [Download]
  9. The Learner satisfaction survey, deployed in the AUACOM Proctor Training Program course in the Coursesites LMS. [Download]

Implementation and Evaluation Report

After implementing my project, it was time to take stock of the training program, look at what worked and what didn’t, the conclusions I could draw from assessment and evaluation data, and suggest changes and improvements to the program.

[Download Implementation and Evaluation Report]